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Barnsley professional carpet and upholstery cleaners

 Professional carpet cleaning in Barnsley & Wombwell
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Any 3 Areas
 Deep Cleaned & Deodorized For Only  £99 !
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Barnsley professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning service serving all of  Darfield, Goldthorpe, Wombwell, Mexbrough, Dearne valley

Hi My Name is Neil Kelloway 

I am professional carpet & upholstery cleaner and I have been Cleaning carpets and upholstery in Barnsley & Wombwell areas  for over a decade  

I am qualified to IICRC level of competence in carpet care and restoration,so you know your furnishings are in good hands. 

I offer various types of carpet and upholstery cleaning restoration  , as not one method is right for every situation.

The Main Types  of carpet cleaning we use are:

Hot water extraction

This is the deepest and most thorough way of cleaning your carpets and is recommended by leading carpet manufacturers .
First we find our what fibre your carpets are made of and construction as this determines which method is best.

we then proceed with a thorough vacuuming of your carpet as up to 80% of dirt in your carpet is dry soil 

In the next step we apply a colloid cleaner which is Eco friendly and pet ,child safe , This solution is plant derived so is nontoxic.
This solution is agitated into your carpet fibres and begins to break down all the oils,grease,stains and pollutants that have built up in the fibres over time.

We use the latest crb machines  in and around  Barnsley & wombwell areas to lift and rejuvenate your pile, this can also be used for dry carpet cleaning ,which leaves your carpets dry in under 30 mins.

dry carpet cleaning machine

The solution is then left to dwell 10 to 15 minutes to allow the Micelles in the solution to do their work breaking down all the pollutants , and just enough time to have a cup of tea.

Once 15 minutes has passed we use the HWE (Hot Water Extraction) Machine to rinse all the dirt ,grease,oils,stains and dirt away ,using fresh hot water heated to 110 degrees with the Magma instant water heater, This all then sucked into the HWE machine leaving Your carpets clean fresh and deodorised .

Before and after cream carpet cleaned in  the barnsley & wombwell area

wool carpet cleaned in barnsley.jpg

Dry Carpet cleaning Barnsley

Low moisture cleaning is completed using a encapsulation solution, the solution I use is called Zero Dry Time . First we thoroughly vacuum the carpet , then we apply zero dry time onto the carpet fibres and agitates the solution into the fibres of your carpet the solution then breaks down the soiling, oils grease and stains and encapsulates them in a polymer crystal this traps the dirt and oils and in the same process deodorises and stain protects you carpet fibres , Leaving them fresh clean and dry in under an hour

Wool Carpets

(updated) 21/03/2017

Wool Carpets 

we all love the feel of a new wool carpet under our feet ,it smells great and as a natural product it is a luxury that will not come cheap.
That is why here at barnsley and wombwell carpet and upholstery cleaner ,we take the utmost care of your wool carpet .

wool carpets and choice 

There are 3 main types of wool carpets 

  1. Plush   made from cut pile wool
  2. Twist   made from twisting the wool yarn together tightly
  3. Berber made from making a loop in the yarn 

woman on red wool carpet in barnsley


What's so great about wool carpets 

wool is natural fibre thats is great at insulation and noise absorption ,whilst also having great resilience which allows it to resist dirt and bounce back into shape.
And is also very visually pleasing to the giving a sleek uniform look .

What is the life span of a wool carpet

wool is great in high traffic areas and family situations as it ability to regain its overall appearance whilst bouncing back, unlike polypropylene which  will crush over time .
wool will keep its good looks for many years .

How do we at barnsley and wombwell carpet cleaners clean wool

Good regular vacuuming is a essential part of maintaining the good looks of your wool carpet , 
some shed will happen when it is vacuumed for the first few times but this will lessen over time .

Always get a professional carpet cleaner to clean your wool carpets. 

There is too many things that can go wrong for you to do it yourself.

  • Over wetting
  • Browning
  • Shrinkage
  • Pile distortion 
  • Rapid resoiling 
  • Yellowing 
These are just a few thing that can damage your carpet .

Hydramaster cleaning solutions

Protecting your investment 

Protectors can also  be applied to your carpet ,the protector  will impregnate your carpet fibers and give them added protection  from permanent staining. 
we use hydramaster solutions which are a highly tested and trusted solution used by a large majority of carpet cleaners both here and in america.

We use their complete Guard system which is a state of the art short chain fluorochemical technology ,which protects the fibers against dry soil and water based and oil based spillages .
Complete guard coats the whole fibre unlike not just the surface like many older protectors. these protectors work well when a spill is cleaned up before it can penetrate the fibres and form a bond leaving difficult to remove stains . Complete Guard protects the fibre completely .

Hydramaster complete guard wool carpet protector

We use the correct solution and professional machines when cleaning your carpets that leave your carpets in a natural ph state which stops rapid resoiling and the powerful extraction machine leave them almost dry.

Carpet care advice : Here is a link to carpet rescue advice for spills and accidents click HERE 

 Just a few Recommendations 

wool carpet cleaned and protected in barnsley.jpg

Airflex Storm